Welcome to Enact Consulting 

Enact consulting is one off the leading female owned consulting firms in South Africa.  We specialise in giving our clients back total control over their lives. We pride ourselves on providing excellent client service. We never over promise and under deliver. We are living in financially difficult times and it is becoming increasingly difficult to find employment, let alone with a criminal record.  Allow us to assist you in having your criminal record permanently removed and you will see “beyond results”. We provide clients a fast an efficient expungement service with a new clear police clearance certificate couriered to you door step for your convenience at no additional cost.  

Feel free to contact us today, we are willing to assist, give advice or offer guidance .Our many years in this field has given us the necessary expertise and experience to enable us to assist our clients in the best possible way. We are ideally situated in Pretoria where all the head officers are placed, so we do not waste unnecessary time with logistics. All our applications are personally delivered by our staff to the relevant departments for processing.We guarantee the best turnaround time on all applications. 

Additional Services:

Expedited police clearance certificates obtained on be half of our clients.

Legalisation of any public document with south African origin by means of apostille or notarising. 

 Meet our founder and CEO in a TV interview, questions and answers