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In terms of section 271 B of Criminal Procedure Act, 51 of 1977, Criminal records that can be expunged(deleted)  after a period of 10 years has lapsed provided that you have not served a term of direct imprisonment or paid a fine exceeding R20 000.00.


Case Awaiting Trail and Criminal Checks 

Were you arrested ?  went to court , had the case withdrawn and still have a case awaiting trial reflecting on your name? We are able to assist you in having this corrected on the Criminal Record Centre system.

Presidential Pardon

Presidential Pardon section 84 of the constitution of the republic of South Africa, 1996 gives power to the President of the country to grant a Presidential pardon. To pardon is to forgive, these applications are for those offenders who don’t qualify for expungements and also for serious offenders.

Police Clearance Certificates, Apostilles and Notarising of Documents

Need a police clearance certificate and don’t have the time to apply, we que for you. We lodge the application receive it and have it couriered to you anywhere is South Africa or abroad.