In terms of section 271 B of Criminal Procedure Act, 51 of 1977, Criminal records that can be expunged(deleted)  after a period of 10 years has lapsed provided that you have not served a term of direct imprisonment or paid a fine exceeding R20 000.00.

These are for minor offences where minimal fines were paid or a suspended sentence was handed down. We at Enact Consulting will make the application on your behalf, by obtaining the mandatory police illicit reports and keep you informed every step of the application by providing weekly updates to our clients. We also assist our clients in obtaining a new record free police clearance certificate.

Expungements in terms of the Child Justice Act, 75 of 2008. The Child Justice Act was amended to allow certain criminal records to be expunged after a period of 5 years has lapsed if the offender was 16 or younger at the time. These however were subject to the schedule sheet of offences or the severity of the offence.

This section is only applicable retrospectively i.e  apply’s to those who were convicted after the Act was passed.